Resource Guide for Parents

Your sons and daughters have chosen to attend the most distinguished public university in the world, one renowned for its research, its enduring commitment to undergraduate education, the diversity of its international student body, and the traditional engagement of its students in public service. We are happy to welcome you to our community.

Brought to you by the Cal Parents organization at UC Berkeley.


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Welcome & History
Message from Chancellor Robert J. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau
Message from Scott Biddy
History of the Campus


Parent Involvement
About Cal Parents
Sage Advice from Some Veteran Parents
    How to Reach Us
    How We Reach You
    How to Reach Your Students
New Student Orientation
Move-In Day and Welcome Week
Parents Weekend
Cal Day
Parents as Partners
The California Alumni Association
Quick Reference

University Policies
Message from Harry LeGrande
Policy Overview
Nondiscrimination Statement
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Privacy of Health Records
Student Conduct
Sexual Assault
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Accommodation of Religious Creed
Accommodation for Disabilities
Quick Reference

Academic Information
Message from Christina Maslach
The Faculty
General Education Requirements
Registration for Classes
Freshman and Sophomore Seminar
Choosing Majors and Minors
Keeping on Track
Transcripts and Grades
Summer Sessions
Honor Societies
Other Academic Opportunities
    Study Abroad
    UC Berkeley-Washington Program
    Webcasting and Podcasting
    Research and Internships
Quick Reference

Student Life
Message from Jonathan Poullard
Housing and Dining
Financial Information
    Financial Aid
Information Technology (IT) on Campus
    Information Online
There's More to Life than Studying
    Campus Life and Leadership
    Cultural and Recreational Resources
    Fraternities and Sororities
    Religious Activities
    UC Police Department
    Be Prepared
    Emergency Information
    Public Transportation
Other Things Your Students Should Know
    Cal 1 Cards
    Storing Possessions
Quick Reference

Advising, Counseling, and Health
Message from Steve Lustig
Academic Advising and Support Services
    Student Learning Center
    Student Life Advising Services
    Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center
    Disabled Students' Program
    Gender Equity Resource Center
    Athletic Study Center
    Career Center
    Legal Services
    Ombudsperson for Students
University Health Services
    Medical Care
    Counseling and Psychological Services
    Social Services
    Student Health Insurance
"To Do" Before Your Students Arrive
    Immunization Records
    Alcohol Education
Quick Reference

Visiting Cal
Message from La Dawn Duvall
Visitor Services
What to See
Where to Stay
Berkeley Neighborhoods
On-Campus Dining
How to Get Here
Where to Park
Map of Campus
Quick Reference

Other Information
Online Resources
Telephone Resources


Throughout these pages you will find references to lodging, shopping, and services around Berkeley. While we hope the listings are helpful to you, no endorsement of these establishments is implied.

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