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A Berkeley education is not limited to classroom learning. Cal encourages its students to explore and experience other opportunities that will enhance their educational careers. Through various programs students can gain perspective, direction, and a broadening of their interests and experiences.

Study Abroad

Globalization and expanding communication technology have made it increasingly important for practitioners in many fields to be able to function in an international context. The Berkeley Programs for Study Abroad (BPSA) offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience living in other cultures while progressing toward their bachelor’s degrees. BPSA offers a diverse array of programs in more than 30 countries. Students earn university credit for their participation while enhancing their undergraduate experience.

Options include semester-long, year-long, and summer programs. Financial aid recipients qualify for financial assistance while abroad on BPSA, so financial hardship should not deter your students from considering education abroad among their individual educational goals.

Before enrolling in any program, students should consult with the international admission specialists concerning the transferability of the course work. College and major advisers can provide information about procedures for readmission and the appropriateness of the proposed courses toward degree progress.

The UC Berkeley - Washington Program

The UC Berkeley-Washington Center hosts 25 selected undergraduates each fall and spring. The academic program allows students to combine course work at the UC Washington Center with field research in an internship that reflects each student’s particular area of interest. Applicants must have achieved junior status by the start of their semester in Washington, D.C.


Sponsored by the campus Institute of Governmental Studies, the Cal-in-Sacramento program provides summer internship opportunities for students to work in state government. Interns work in Assembly and Senate offices, the governor’s office, state agencies, public interest groups, and media organizations. The program raises student awareness and understanding of government, politics, and policy.


bSpace is an online collaboration and learning environment at UC Berkeley. Instructors and staff can create project or course web sites to build community, share knowledge, and work together in an online environment. bSpace is the first step toward providing the campus with a single, integrated, easy-to-use course web site system. As of spring 2007, more than 1,000 courses were active in bSpace.

Webcasting and Podcasting

Berkeley offers live and on-demand webcasts of courses and events in streaming video and audio.

Podcasting is a relatively new format for delivering recordings of classroom lectures to computers and portable devices. With this technology, Berkeley courses are available not just to students but to a growing off-campus audience as well. Podcast offerings are available on iTunes U in three categories: courses, events, and campus life. Lectures from more than 40 classes are now podcast, helping students to review key concepts and to study before exams.

One of the most useful features of podcasting is that students can sign up to receive podcasts of lectures from specific courses. New lectures will be downloaded automatically to students’ computers as the lectures become available.

Research and Internships

Berkeley offers many opportunities for students to conduct research projects and engage in internships either as volunteers or paid employees.

Office of Undergraduate Research
The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) seeks to involve undergraduates more deeply in the research life of the university. To this end, OUR coordinates and develops programs and resources that bring undergraduates into the field, the laboratories, and the archives. Whether assisting faculty or pursuing their own research under faculty supervision, Berkeley students can experience what it means to be a part of cutting-edge research at a world-class research university.

The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program
The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) is the ideal place for students to begin to put their classroom learning to use. As research apprentices, students gain skills and perspectives as they assist faculty. Nearly 900 students per semester participate in this program each year, working with faculty from more than 50 departments.

A wide variety of on- and off-campus internships — loosely defined as structured field experience — is available to students. The positions may be paid or unpaid, may or may not carry academic credit, and may have educational and career value.

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