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Cal encourages its students to pursue both breadth of study and a deeper understanding of one specific discipline. In the first year or two of college, students should choose courses that help them develop strong intellectual and communication skills. Even if students have specific academic expectations and goals, exploring elective courses in a variety of fields will enrich their educational experiences. Advisers are available to assist students with their academic choices.

As soon as students have been accepted for admission to Berkeley, they should learn the requirements needed to earn their bachelor’s degrees. These requirements are prescribed by four sources: the university, the Berkeley campus, the school or college of the students’ majors, and their major departments.

Students are admitted to Cal with the assumption that they will be able to carry a full-time course of study. Within these limits, there are several views on how many units a first-year student should take. While many are able to handle a full load from the beginning, some take a lighter load the first semester to allow themselves time to adjust to student life and the rigors of Cal classes. Each student should choose the number and combination of courses after thorough discussion with advisers. Students are expected to maintain, at the least, the minimum grade-point average prescribed by their college or school to remain in good academic standing.

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