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How to Reach Us

Cal Parents is staffed by University Relations personnel. We maintain several lines of contact with you and hope you will make use of them.

Telephone and E-mail
Electronic messages and the telephone helpline are answered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cal Parents staff provide resource and support services for parents who have questions and requests.

How We Reach You

Web Site
The Cal Parents web site is a comprehensive parent portal that will help you locate resources and support services, give you news of campus events and information about visiting, and provide an easy-to-navigate gateway to the entire campus — housing, financial aid, student services and opportunities, health and safety, career planning and internships, academic tutoring, and much more. New sources of information are the webcasts and podcasts of faculty lectures and special events that you can access from the Berkeley home page.

The campus sends a monthly e-mail communication, “Berkeley Online for Parents,” with information of interest to families. If you are not currently receiving this publication and would like to be included on our distribution list, please send your e-mail address to

Letter Home, the Cal Parents newsletter, is mailed three times a year to the parents of all undergraduates. It contains articles on upcoming events of interest to parents and families, as well as profiles of faculty members and campus units. There are periodic question-and-answer columns, reports on The Cal Parents Fund, and other newsworthy items about campus and student life. The spring issue contains a special pullout guide for your visits to Berkeley.

Parents are invited to Cal-related events around the state as well as on campus. Letter Home and the Cal Parents web site are good sources of information about upcoming activities. Cal Day and Parents Weekend at Homecoming are two of the principal campus events.

Have You Moved?
You are an important part of our Cal family, and the university is eager to stay in touch with you. If your mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address changes, contact Cal Parents at 510/642-7147 or send e-mail to You may also use the Cal Parents office to request that a parent living at a separate address receive Cal Parents mailings.

How to Reach Your Students

E-mail, Postal Mail, and Packages
Electronic mail is one of the most popular forms of communication between students and their families. However, letters or packages from home will especially delight your students. If you are sending mail to the residence halls, be sure to address it clearly. To ensure proper delivery, you should include the student’s name, unit or building, room number, street address, city, state, and “zip+4” zip code. Packages and deliveries are held for pick-up in the mailroom of each residence hall, so it’s important to let your students know you have sent them something.

Bear in mind that packages sent via the U.S. Postal Service are first delivered to the main campus mailroom and then routed to the residence halls. Those sent via UPS or FedEx are delivered directly to the residence hall offices and so arrive much faster.

Occasionally parents need to wire money or information to their students. Western Union is located in downtown Berkeley, just west of campus. 

Surprise Them!
ing references for bakeries, florists, and balloon merchants. The Quick Reference section of this chapter lists some nearby merchants who will deliver to campus and the surrounding area. Some vendors charge an extra fee for delivery. IMPORTANT: Before placing an order, confirm that there is an appropriate and accessible location for delivery.

Another way to surprise your student is to send a “Finals Survival Kit” — food as well as important stationery supplies needed for the finals themselves. For several years the Alumni Scholars Club has prepared and delivered these kits as gifts from parents who are looking for a way to ease a little of the stress of finals. They are available for students living in residence halls, co-ops, sororities, or fraternities. You will receive order information in the fall.

Cal Dining also offers care packages for finals, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions. Go to for more information.

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