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Information Technology (IT) on Campus
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The Berkeley campus provides access to a full range of distributed computing capabilities, from individual workstations to large shared computers. Supported computers include Apple Macintoshes, PCs, and central academic servers.

Most of the campus’s computers and workstations are connected to the Internet, which also provides access to the online library systems, the UC Berkeley web server, and other online information resources. The campus offers dial-up access to campus computers and the Internet. CalMail provides campuswide access to electronic mail.

Tele-BEARS allows students to register for classes via the Internet. The companion Bear Facts system provides students with access to registration and class information, grades, financial aid, and much more.

Computing facilities provide access to workstations and printers at a variety of locations on campus. Among academic units, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, the Haas School of Business, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and many other departments have extensive computing facilities.

The Scholar’s Workstation — the campus’s computer store — offers selected workstations, software, and peripherals at educational discounts to faculty, staff, and students. Campus Computer Repair and Support provides repair service for equipment sold by The Scholar’s Workstation.

Services for the campus community include drop-in consulting for students in the César Chavez Student Center atrium, noncredit computer training, and e-mail consulting on CalMail and central systems.

Information Online

A rich array of campus information is available to students online. It can be accessed from the Berkeley home page, which links to other campus servers
that offer textual material, maps, forms, periodicals, and additional materials covering a broad range of general campus information, such as news, directories, and event calendars.

Some online services include admission, registration, and course information crucial to students and prospective students; information about campus services fundamental to student life; and resources that can help students with academic work. The campus library web site also maintains a growing selection
of online journals and other discipline-related resources, as well as guides to the library and general interest material.

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