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Cal 1 Cards

All Berkeley students are provided with photo ID cards called Cal 1 Cards that officially identify them as Berkeley students. Newly admitted students can have their photographs taken as soon as they receive their Tele-BEARS registration form for the semester. Cal 1 Cards are permanent and nontransferable. The multipurpose digital cards combine multiple card technologies; in addition to serving as your student’s photo identification card, which is required for students to use campus services such as the libraries, health services, and the Recreational Sports Facility, the card also serves as a meal card for students on meal plans.

The cards also feature debit accounts that give students a quick and safe way to make cash-free purchases on campus. You and your student can add money online, and your student can use the card instantly at campus restaurants and cafés, the Cal Student Store, residence hall laundry and vending services, athletic events, online groceries, and more.


There are a number of banks on the south and west sides of campus and several ATMs on campus. If your student is currently banking with a large institution, chances are it will have a Berkeley branch. The UC Police Department helped select the campus ATM locations and determine the machines’ hours of operation and security features, including video cameras, recorders, and multiple alarms.

Storing Possessions

The university does not have on-campus storage facilities, but it recommends a service called Student Storage Center, which will pick up students’ belongings at their residence halls or apartments, store them for the summer, and deliver them in the fall to campus or off-campus locations. To make a reservation for pickup or delivery, call 1-800-586-3020 or go to The campus housing office provides a list of other storage facilities, some of which also pick up and deliver. Students and parents should consider the relative locations, rates, and security for each facility before selecting one.

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