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The university takes the issue of public safety very seriously and has made significant improvements over the last few years to ensure that the campus community is a safe environment in which to live, work, and study.

UC Police Department

The university maintains a campus police department that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is empowered as a full-service state law enforcement agency consisting of more than 70 fully trained, sworn officers, 50 other full-time personnel, and 70 student employees. The UC Police Department (UCPD) patrols the campus, the surrounding university properties, and Southside and vicinity, and officers investigate all crimes committed on university property.

Students are continually urged to take responsibility for avoiding situations that could invite problems. As in any urban environment, they should take security precautions for themselves and their personal property. They should determine a personal disaster preparedness plan, demonstrate safe and responsible vehicle and bicycle behavior, and observe the rules, regulations, and campus safety and conduct policies.

In addition, students are encouraged to be alert to suspicious behavior and to walk with a friend on well-lit paths when out at night. To assist students, faculty, and staff, the Night Safety Shuttle and Night Escort Service are available in the evening for safe access to cars, campus facilities, nearby homes, and public transportation. Self-defense classes, safety presentations, and workplace violence presentations are also available for the safety of all members of our campus community. Students can access specific campus shuttle and public transportation schedules on the web.

Each year, the UCPD publishes and distributes a crime prevention booklet, “Safety Counts,” to inform students about issues and services such as those listed above. This booklet is available on request to any parent, free of charge, from the Police Department.

Be Prepared

Safety concerns extend to emergency preparedness. For the past decade, UC Berkeley has been developing, refining, and practicing its emergency response. It has established an Emergency Preparedness Center, which would assess campus needs and set priorities for the use of resources in the event of an emergency.

The Office of Emergency Preparedness makes a concerted effort to let students know how they can make their own emergency preparations. Information is published in “Safety Counts,” and students can get additional information about training, supplies, and other resources from the Office of Emergency Preparedness or on the web at

Emergency Information

The campus has a web site announcing information and instructions in the event of a campus or regional emergency. It will be operational even if the campus home page and telephone system are not. Go to as your first source of information if an emergency occurs on campus.

Emergency People Locator System
The People Locator—not to be confused with the PeopleFinder, the online campus directory—is a web-based contact system that enables Berkeley’s 60,000 students, faculty, and staff to post messages about their locations and status during an emergency. Anyone—including parents, other relatives, friends, and co-workers—can access the People Locator to find information about members of the Cal community. External visitors can also respond to posted messages.

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