Cal Parents welcomes all parents and guardians into the UC Berkeley family. Through the activities and resources of the program, we provide a vital link between home and the campus. This newsletter is one of our primary vehicles of communication with parents. It is published each semester and mailed to the families of all undergraduates. If you are not currently receiving Letter Home and would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Cal Parents at 510/642-7147 or by e-mail at

Joseph Greenwell

Renewing the undergrad experience

Professor Greig Crysler Transforming undergraduate education FSM50 FSM50 Free Speech Movement

Fall 2014


Student Affairs: Renewing the undergrad experience: three campus leaders weigh in


Student Affairs: Transforming undergraduate education

The Cal Parents Fund: Taking the reins, supporting "everything Cal touches"

Cal Student Central: A one-stop-shop for help

Anniversary: FSM50 Free Speech Movement

Parents Events: Great company, great minds, and great fun!

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Intercollegite Athletics gets new look for fall
Save the Date: Cal Da —Saturday, April 18
Distinguished Teaching Awards

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