Subject: Cal Parents Volunteer Newsletter-April

Cal Parents Volunteer Newsletter
April 2016

Greetings from the Cal Parents Office!

The Cal campus is abuzz this spring! Berkeley hosted another successful Cal Day last weekend, and Spring Commencement is quickly approaching, featuring keynote speaker Sheryl Sandberg. A big thank you to all who have volunteered to help connect with other Cal families this spring, through outreach and fundraising. You help make Berkeley great!

Spring Commencement


Sather Gate-Cal Day


Congratulations to parents of graduating seniors! Berkeley’s campuswide commencement ceremony will be held May 14 at 10 a.m. in California Memorial Stadium.  A few tips:

  • Tickets: All graduates must have tickets for themselves and their guests. Tickets are $10 for guests and complimentary for graduates, who can purchase up to 20 guest tickets. Register to purchase yours! If tickets are still available on the day of commencement, they will be sold in front of Memorial Stadium. Children 2 and under are admitted free. 
  • Getting there: We encourage you to take public transportation. If you choose to drive, please consult the campus map for directions. Parking is available in the campus parking lots on a first-come, first-served basis. Please consult the campus Parking and Transportation website for details. You may also park in the surrounding city parking lots.
  • Food and Lodging:  Check out Visit Berkeley.

In addition to the main commencement ceremony, most departments on campus perform their own ceremonies as well.

Thank You Cal Parents Volunteers!

Sather Gate-Cal Day

A big shout out to ambassadors who helped at the recent Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship interviewsValerie Agnew, Akila  and Balan Aravind (Balan and Akila are pictured with daughter Aishwarya), Tamara Bland, Jenny Buckland, Nilmini Dahanayake, Carol Davis, Mas Dojiri, Marci Freed, Marty Hagan, Rosalie Kumagia, Christine MacDonald, Jagruti  Mehta, Kamal Mehta, Shanker Munshani, Diana Nhuch, Jane Paul, Shelley Ryan, and Stella Stroubakis. Thanks for providing a warm welcome to prospective Cal families!

And, many thanks to all who participated in Cal Day events: Akila and Balan Aravind, Shawn Christianson, Carol Davis, Paul Epps, Douglas Evans, Lisa Garrett , Susan Gillfillan, David Hollander, Andrew Jensen, Milan Kaur, Steve Kubick, Christine MacDonald, Philip McLeod, Robyn Mitchell-Stong, and Steve Stong. Your personal touch made a difference to families new to Cal!

Thanks also to the dedicated volunteers currently contacting fellow parents during the Spring Calling Campaign to encourage philanthropic support of Cal: Todd Bakar, Dawn Billman, Tamara Bland, Lori Corley, Sue Epps, Alyson Evans , Peter Ewald, Gloria Hayat, Andy Hewitt, Laurie Irwin, Lynn Johnson, Milan Kaur, Sharmila Kumar, Philip McLeod, Colleen McPeek-Bechtold, Gail O'Byrne, Debbie Oppenheim, Sanjai Parthasarathi, Mimi Sardou, Jon Sigerman , Ramya Thvar, Carol Vazirani, and Carole Wenger. Go Bears!

Cal News and Event Highlights

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Upcoming dates to remember:

Thank you, Cal Parents Volunteers, for your continuing support, participation and commitment to Berkeley and its community. Go Bears!!

Cal Parents Staff
  • David Ortega, Director of Parent Services & Communication,
  • Jason Smith, Director of Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Karla Rodebush, Associate Director for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Colleen Cahill, Assistant Director for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Michelle Mielke Walsh, Senior Development Analyst for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Kelly Yun, Development Associate for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,

Check out the Cal Parents website, Parent Engagement site and Facebook page more information just for parents.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events at Berkeley: Berkeley NewsCenter, UC Berkeley Events.


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