Subject: Cal Parents Volunteer Newsletter - December

Cal Parents Volunteer Newsletter
December Edition 2016

Greetings from the Cal Parents Office!

We at Berkeley have much to be thankful for this season. Cal parents gave BIG during Big Give and the fall peer-to-peer calling campaign.  And, we have some of the most dedicated volunteers anywhere! As Cal Parent Ambassadors, you are generous with your pocketbooks, AND with giving of yourselves, through your time and willingness to help our Cal community. We cannot thank you enough!

Ambassadors Help Nourish Cal Students

December Cal Parents Newsletter - GratefulAmbassadors Keely Everett, Chris MacDonald, and Kirk Tramble with son, Ezra, joined a crew of 70 campus volunteers to serve a Thanksgiving meal to 300 grateful students unable to travel home for the holiday. This inaugural event was sponsored by Rec Sports Facility (RSF) in partnership with Hotel Durant as part of RSF’s “30 Days of Gratitude” campaign.  To see YouTube clip of our volunteers in action, click here: invited to the meal were identified through Berkeley’s Educational Opportunity Program

Click here
to read profiles of students, faculty and staff expressing gratitude through Rec Sports’ 30 Days of Gratitude campaign

December Cal Parents Newsletter - Food Pantry


A dedicated cohort of 30 Bay Area Ambassadors will further serve students in need by staffing Cal’s Food Pantry during Dead Week (preparation week in advance of finals) and Final Exam Week in December.  This critical service aims to reach the estimated 38% of Berkeley students who are food insecure and skipping meals.  Way to contribute, Mama and Papa Bears!  



Big Give a BIG Success!

Big Give 2016 Thank you.jpgA BIG thanks and congratulations to all Cal Parents Ambassadors and Board members who helped make this year’s Big 
Give – Cal’s annual one-day fundraising blitz – a huge success. You are part of the Berkeley effect, whether you made one of the 9,656 gifts totaling $11.6 million for Cal’s schools, colleges and programs (doubling last year’s total!) or you reached out to your networks as a champion of the university. Thank you for making a BIG difference at Berkeley and in the world. Go Bears!

Thank You Fall Callers!

A message from your calling campaign co-chairs...

As we come to the close of a successful Fall 2016 Calling Campaign we want to say thank you.  25 parent callers helped raise over $187,000, with half of the gifts being first-time donations!  The outreach each of you made on behalf of the university ensures UC Berkeley remains a beacon of opportunity and excellence.  It has been our privilege to work with each of you.  We truly are a team and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again in the future on behalf of Cal.  Wishing each of you and your families a wonderful holiday season.

With warmest personal regards,

Mimi Sardou & Gloria C. Hayat
2016 Fall Calling Campaign Co-Chairs

Advocate for Berkeley in Sacramento

The presidential election may be over, but we still need your voice in California! Join thousands of Cal alumni, students, staff, faculty, donors and retirees to advocate on behalf of the university through the Cal Advocacy Program administered by the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) .  

Berkeley’s Governmental Relations Office will inform you of state legislative and budgetary issues affecting the university and ask you to participate in letter-writing campaigns and face-to-face meetings.  Your work will begin in the new year with the start of California’s 2017 legislative session. To learn more and join in this important effort.           

Towards the end of the registration page, you will be asked, “How did you hear about us?”  Please enter “Cal Parents Ambassador newsletter” to help us track your participation for Berkeley. Thank you!

Career Center Seeking 2017 Internship Opportunities

With the spring semester around the corner, Berkeley’s Career Center needs your help in identifying opportunities for Cal students. Does your company have internship opportunities coming up in 2017? Do you or someone you know have connections to businesses that would like to engage some of the brightest and hardest working students anywhere?  If so, please refer your contacts to Dara Ziegelmeier, Associate Director of Employer Relations, Berkeley Career Center.

Social Media Ambassadors Wanted!

Social Media Stock Photo Cal Parents NewsletterWant to do more for Berkeley — in a fun and easy way and maybe even earn an Amazon gift card?  Help spread feel-good and noteworthy news about Berkeley through the Cal Ambassador Network Program.

Network members promote the university by sharing Berkeley-related stories and posts of their own choosing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  You decide which of your social media accounts you want to use and when you share postings.  As you and your followers share content, you earn points towards a monthly gift card drawing.  To learn more about this program and to get started, click here.

Questions? Email Christina Sponselli, Social Media Director.

Facebook Live Sessions with Campus Officials

If you missed either of the recent Facebook Live sessions with Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Stephen Sutton, or UCPD Chief Margo Bennett, you can view the videos on the Cal Parents Facebook page.

Campus News and Happenings:

Reimagined and revitalized Moffitt Library

Grand Reopening of Stiles Hall

Campus Budget Challenges – Provost Carol Christ

Higher Ed Leaders in CA Urge President-elect Trump to Let DACA Students Stay in US

Just for Fun:

A series of groundbreaking studies from UC Berkeley found that those who regularly practice gratitude experience a wealth of benefits, from stronger immune systems to high levels of positive emotions

Check out the highlights of 2016 at Berkeley: The best of Berkeley in the news 2016


Reminder: 2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications now  being accepted

  • December 2 - Formal Classes End
  • December 5 to 9 - Reading/Review/Recitation Week (Dead Week)
  • December 12 to 16 - Final Examinations
  • December 16 - Fall Semester Ends
  • December 17 - Students in Residence Halls must be out of their rooms by 10 a.m.
  • December 18 - Winter Commencement
  • December 20 - Final registration fee payment due for students on installment plan
  • January 12 - Residence Halls open at 9 a.m.
  • January 17 - Spring Semester Instruction Begins

If you have problems replying to any links or have questions about the Ambassador Program, please contact Rose Hsu.  As always, we are grateful for your continued commitment and enthusiasm for Berkeley!  Go Bears!!

Cal Parents Staff
  • David Ortega, Director of Parent Services & Communication,
  • Jason Smith, Director of Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Karla Rodebush, Associate Director for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Colleen Cahill, Assistant Director for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Rose Hsu, Assistant Director for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Michelle Mielke Walsh, Senior Development Analyst for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Kelly Yun, Development Associate for Parent Philanthropy & Engagement,

Check out the Cal Parents website and Facebook page for more information just for parents.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events at Berkeley: Berkeley NewsCenter, UC Berkeley Events.



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