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A message to Cal Parents

I’m always thrilled for the opportunity to communicate with Cal Parents, especially as we begin a new year.

As we know, this year will bring many changes, from a campus perspective to a global one. The message I’d like to share with you for 2017 is: How do we embrace change?

Here are some of the ways I’ve approached change as the Dean of Students at UC Berkeley.

The first step is to understand the goals of change, and when it comes to this campus, I can assure you that UC Berkeley’s objectives are clear: We want to create a warm, welcoming, safe, and inclusive community for all of our students and support them throughout their time at UC Berkeley and beyond as proud Cal alumni.

Now, that’s a big challenge. UC Berkeley is diverse and dynamic — this is what makes us innovators and leaders. We need to work to preserve UC Berkeley, the world’s premier public university, as a place that views diverse backgrounds, ideas, voices, and experiences as enriching and valuable to the educational experience.

Which brings me to the second step of embracing change: Take steps, small or large.

In this newsletter, you’ve read about Berkeley’s workshops to raise awareness with students regarding hazing. We also shared news about our new Golden Bear Orientation model, designed to provide a unified onboarding experience for all students. Whether a step we take reaches an individual student, a small cohort or the entire student body, it is one more way we can embrace change.

As 2017 gathers steam, this campus and my office will continue to take steps: We’ll explore new ideas, programs, and policies to ensure that our students, your children, experience UC Berkeley in a way that challenges them academically, and supports them socially, emotionally and mentally. We will also need to continue making difficult budget decisions this year, but with a focus on having the least impact possible on the student experience.

As we take these steps, we need your support. We welcome your voices. Let’s celebrate diversity and embrace change together. I also invite you to keep in touch and stay up-to-date on Berkeley student life via my Twitter account (@DeanGreenwell) and by visiting the Dean of Student website:

Take care and have a Caltastic day,

Joseph D. Greenwell

Joseph Greenwell

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Joseph Defraine Greenwell

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students

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326 Sproul Hall 510.642.6741

Student Affairs, University of California, Berkeley

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