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A parent’s perspective

By Cristian Cibils

Somehow, our daughter Gaby knew Berkeley was her place. As her parents, my wife Vivianne and I only knew Berkeley as one of the world’s finest higher education institutions, with renowned faculty, famous alumni and breakthrough discoveries.

Such a large institution posed so many questions for us nearly four years ago, when Gaby began her freshman year. We wanted to learn everything about her home for the next several years. Would she be safe? Who would her roommate be?

So, we decided to attend Cal Day in April 2014, and our minds were blown!

Berkeley’s prestige and fame are immense, and we met some of the people responsible for its reputation. By the end of that day, we’d been introduced to many incredible staff and faculty, parents of incoming students, parents of former students and not one, but five, Nobel Laureates!

Berkeley is a big institution, with many small universes full of wonderful people who teach by example about resilience, faith, strong will and how to overcome daily—and seemingly impossible—challenges. This is also true of Berkeley as an institution. The way the institution overcame the challenges of the past few years and is facing the ones ahead is nothing short of remarkable.

During Gaby’s freshman year, we were fortunate to visit Berkeley quite often. We still see her very frequently and watch her learning first-hand how to conquer the world, one semester at a time.

Almost four years down the road, Gaby is about to graduate with a major in cognitive science.

We have seen her grow in so many dimensions. It’s definitely been a life-changing experience that opened up her mind to a vast universe of knowledge.

And she’s now fully equipped to jump into the outer world, and take it by storm!

Fiat Lux and Go Bears!


Cibils family



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