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Air quality concerns

Sent on behalf of University Health Services and Environment, Health & Safety

Dear Campus Community,

Smoke and flames are altering our skies here in the Bay Area, across our state and beyond. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe wherever you are.

As disconcerting as the sky looks here in the Bay Area, the Air Quality Index remains moderate. There are several layers of fog and smoke in our atmosphere that are partially blocking sunlight. What little sunlight that pokes through is also being diffused by the smoke, scattering blue wavelengths of light and leaving reds and yellows, creating the glowing, gray-orange skies and unsettling darkness. We expect this odd red haze to last for several days, and unfortunately as the marine layer burns off and things get lighter, the air quality may worsen. You can monitor the air quality in your area via AirNow and get helpful information on our wildfire smoke and air quality page.

We are constantly monitoring the air quality on campus and will send alerts if air quality reaches unsafe levels.

If you are experiencing anxiety or otherwise need assistance during these challenging times, resources are available for students and employees.

Take care,

Anna Harte, MD, Medical Director, University Health Services

Patrick Goff, P.E., Executive Director, Environment, Health & Safety

This message was sent to all campus faculty, staff and students. 

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