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Fannie Lou Hamer Resource Center

door with sign for Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center

The Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center (FLHBRC) opened in February 2017. The center provides a needed locale for student communities, particularly marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Its establishment addresses a critical call by students for a safe convening environment that will create space and opportunity for African and African American students and organizations to organize and engage in academic, social-emotional, social-cultural, leadership and networking activities and can also enhance exchanges with faculty, staff, alumni and community stakeholders. Black students, staff, faculty and other black organizations use the space daily.

The Black community has more than 30 organizations that represent the academic, business, civic, fraternal, social and cultural communities. The composite of these organizations host more than 200 events and activities throughout the year. The center also provides programs and events in collaboration with campus and community partners.

Fannie Lou Hamer provides multiple benefits to the community including:

  • Student Group Convening Space
  • Programming Space: undergraduates, graduates, staff and faculty
  • Enhanced Academic Support and Workshops including:
  • Tutoring, advising and study skill support
  • Writing workshops, Science and Math Support
  • Studying, homework space
  • Professional Development and Networking Events
  • Academic and Community Lecture Series
  • Cultural Programs: festivals, art galleries, exhibits
  • Special Talks and Workshops On: mental and physical health
  • Alumni, Faculty and Staff Event
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