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How students make friends at UC Berkeley

As parents you might be wondering how your students will meet friends on such a large campus. We interviewed Berkeley students from a range of backgrounds and asked the question: How did you find community? One theme ran through all the answers. Students made friends by getting involved in something that interested them, whether it was through recreational sports, volunteer work, student organizations, residence hall programs, or study groups. It can be challenging to narrow down the options because there are so many opportunities on campus. You can help your students find the right community for them by pointing to resources, starting with the Student Affairs website.

African American woman with pink lipstick smiling

“I found my community through my volunteer work.” —Akua Asantewa, Political Economy

“I met most of my friends during lectures, group projects, and volunteer work. Meeting deadlines for projects assigned by professors really brings people together.” —Oscar, Political Science

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