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How to help your student choose the right housing

Rendering of housing

UC Berkeley students are constantly busy — from schoolwork to jobs and extracurriculars, they tirelessly work towards their degrees. With Berkeley’s daunting rental market, another stressor can be added to their already full plates.

Luckily, with an increase in on-campus housing options to choose from, students can find the living situation that works best for them, and ease that stress. From having the burden of worrying about utilities and furniture alleviated, to enjoying various financial benefits, students have affirmed why living on campus was the right choice for them.

For Millie Hernandez, a Cal Housing resident assistant (RA), and junior majoring in political science and legal studies, living on campus gives her a strong network of fellow students.

“I learned more about the value of community,” she said. Finding your community on campus is so important here at UC Berkeley, whether that be surrounding yourself with people who look like you, are studying the same thing as you, or even share a similar religion. It is crucial that you find a sense of belonging. As an RA, I make it my goal to try and build a community for students to come home to and feel welcomed, loved, and like they belong, because they do!”

This year, UC Berkeley has a plethora of on-campus housing options to choose from for continuing students, including a special opportunity of living in the campus’ newest apartment building, the Enclave, which opens Fall 2020. Located at the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street, the Enclave building is situated amidst vibrant restaurants, cafes, shops and bookstores. Only three blocks from campus, the building is made up of apartments with single- and double-occupancy rooms. It also includes upper and lower outdoor terraces.

Campus housing provides all-inclusive value, and includes WiFi, utilities, custodial services, furniture and maintenance services. It requires no credit check or security deposit, and has no hidden fees. Residence hall contracts include meal plans, as well as many resources for students to achieve academic success and holistic wellness, including study lounges, academic support, on-site gyms, live-in health workers and a residential psychologist.

Safety is another important factor when considering housing locations, and is something that is prioritized by campus housing. All units include security monitors, card-access-only facilities, and a Bear Walk (night safety escort) service. Convenience and comfort is also vital for student success. All housing options are centrally located to campus, so students will not need to spend extra time commuting to campus. Moreover, cost shouldn’t be a barrier: some students may be eligible for financial aid.

Applications open on February 1 and are due by February 15, 2020. Students receive their housing offers from mid-March through mid-April.

Learn more about how living on-campus can help you maximize your student’s experience at Berkeley.

By Kaylie Chen a sophomore (Class of ’22), majoring in Legal Studies.

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