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Message from the Chancellor

Dear campus community,

We write to you today deeply concerned about recent reports of raids being planned by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to arrest undocumented individuals in Northern California. We know that this is causing a great deal of anxiety among people in our campus community who may be affected by these actions.

We will always stand in unwavering support for all of our students and colleagues, regardless of immigration status, and will work on several fronts to support them.

We have no information or indication that ICE has plans to come to our campus. Yet, we want everyone to be fully prepared and informed. We urge you to carefully review this document prepared by the University of California Office of the President which provides answers to important questions about our responsibilities and commitments, and the extent to which the University can and will protect the interests of our undocumented students and colleagues. In particular, please pay careful attention to the distinctions between public spaces vs. restricted buildings, including residence halls. In addition to this document, we are preparing other information and resources specific to our campus in the eventuality of ICE sweeps, which we will share with you.

We will continue to monitor developments on this issue and will share information as we receive it. We will post information on the Undocumented Students Program website and share over central campus social media channels as well as the News Center website. This is but an initial communication and there will be more to come as the situation warrants.

Now more than ever, we must come together not only as a university community but also as a community of citizens that upholds the humanity of every individual through our words and actions.


Carol T. Christ, Chancellor
Oscar Dubón, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion

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