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Residence halls aren’t just for freshmen

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“Residential halls are such a great opportunity to meet friends. Some of the friends I met at the residential hall the first year are still my friends.” — Zhuo ’20, Computer Science Major


All-inclusive and predictable costs make on-campus housing a great option for continuing students.

There’s good news amid Berkeley’s daunting rental market. During the 2019–20 year, continuing students will be able to live on campus. This means your student can enjoy another year of community, meals, security and predictable housing costs by living on campus. The search for off-campus housing can take a lot of time, and it’s still competitive to find a desirable living space. Since there is more on-campus housing than ever, continuing students now have the opportunity to live in desirable on-campus options. The application period for continuing students is February 1–15, and they will receive their housing offers in March. Applying for campus housing gives them less to worry about as they enter their second, third or fourth years at Berkeley.

It’s convenient and there are financial benefits, too. There’s no credit check, no security deposit and no hidden costs. It’s also all-inclusive. A meal plan, WiFi, utilities and custodial services are all included. There’s also no need to hassle with furniture or maintenance. And cost shouldn’t be a barrier: Some students are eligible for financial aid.

Your student is busy with school, work, student organizations, and more. When they live on campus, they don’t need to spend time commuting to campus, going grocery shopping or cooking their meals. They don’t need to worry about paying higher electric bills during the colder winter months. Instead they can use that extra time to excel in their studies, participate in student life or just relax with friends.

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