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Save money and eat better? Yes, way!

students with their food in dining hall

A common reaction is that those two things don’t go together. So you may be surprised to learn that they do at Cal Dining.

It’s as easy as getting a meal plan. There’s no hunting for coupon codes or comparing prices to save money.

With flex dollars, you pay less than the cash price in the dining commons—on average almost $5 less per meal. And you can save more money when you purchase add-on flex dollars —55 flex dollars for just $50 or 110 flex dollars for $100. (What’s hard to quantify? Getting back a few precious hours by not having to figure out meals, grocery shop, cook and clean it all up.)

Eating healthier when life is busy can be a challenge. With a meal plan, you’ll eat delicious, nutritious and sustainable food.

Ingredients are local, organic, humanely treated and we source them farm-to-fork. You enjoy the good taste, while Cal Dining makes sure the food is coming from a good place.

And there are plenty of choices, including many options for those with food allergies or restrictions.  As a bonus, A registered dietitian is available if you’d like personal advice on your nutrition and well-being needs.

Saving money and eating better is not only possible, it’s also easy with a meal plan from Cal Dining. To buy a meal plan or get more information, visit

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