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The Big Give: Donors demonstrate the Berkeley Effect

By David Peterkofsky

During our third annual online fundraising blitz, donors like you raised more than twice the amount as last year, resulting in the biggest Big Give yet: $11.6 million from more than 9,000 gifts! This support provides vital resources for hundreds of campus programs and student services, and helps our faculty and students in the lab and in the classroom.

This year’s theme was the Berkeley Effect: if a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, then surely the generous hearts, good deeds, and innovative leaps of UC Berkeley could spark transformative change all over the world. Here’s a broad look at what Big Give supported this year, demonstrating the Berkeley Effect for the greater good.

You are the Berkeley Effect. We’re so grateful for generous Cal Parents like you. Thank you!

California Donors:
(78.8% of all donors)
Non-California Donors:
(18.3% of all donors)
International Donors:
(2.9% of all donors)

Alumni Donors:
(52% of all donors)
Non-Alumni Donors:
(48% of all donors)
First-Time Donors:
(19.6% of all donors)

Current Student Donors:
(6.4% of all donors)
Current Parent Donors:
(16.4% of all donors)
Faculty and Staff Donors:
(8.7% of all donors)

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