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What students love about living on campus

Students playing cards in recreation room in dorm

With an increase in on-campus housing options to choose from, Berkeley students can find the living situation that works best for them. We asked current Berkeley students and staff about their experiences with on-campus housing, and they all shared the same sentiment: community and convenience.

For instance, a political economy major named Katie shared that, “I love living in a communal setting around a ton of other students where it’s easy to meet people who are at a similar point in their academic careers to myself. Having easy access to food, a gym, and study spaces is a real asset in my first year of college to ease the transition. It also means I can leave five minutes before class and still make it in time!”

From having the burden of worrying about utilities and furniture alleviated, to enjoying various financial benefits, they affirmed why living on campus was the right choice for them.

Learn more about how living on-campus can support your student’s transition and help you maximize their student experience at Berkeley.

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