Cal Parents & Families Ambassadors

three people standing together and smiling

Cal Parents Ambassadors champion Cal and promote goodwill for Berkeley through a variety of volunteer opportunities–both on and off campus. Each year, this group of parents, grandparents, and guardians play an important role in supporting the Cal community and serving as a vital resource to prospective families across the country.

Become an Ambassador to:

  • Be more connected to your student’s college experience
  • Meet other Cal parents through volunteerism
  • Help a large university feel smaller
  • Make a measurable difference for Berkeley

Benefits of Being an Ambassador:

  • Network with other Cal parents and grow an extended family
  • Get to know Cal Parents staff and Berkeley more intimately
  • Gain insider knowledge of resources to benefit your student
  • Have a good excuse to visit the campus and see your student!

For a full listing of the volunteer opportunities and more on the role of the Ambassador:

For more information/questions, contact KC Mukai at