Spring 2022

Finding a Healthy Mindset

February 7, 2022

Back in Spring of 2020, after the school went remote, I moved back to my hometown of Salinas, California. I settled into the room that I grew up sharing with my sister, and on our bedroom door hung a poster with a CSU system logo.

Mi Familia Es Mi Energía

February 7, 2022

My transition and time here at Berkeley, both online and in-person, cannot be possible without an energizer. I’m not talking about an energizer that can keep me awake all day, I’m talking about an energizer that fuels me through the semester, through the spaces where I fail to find people who look like me, through the spaces where all I hear is English and never Spanish.

UC Berkeley breaks ground on Helen Diller Anchor House

February 7, 2022

Construction has begun on a 772-bed, apartment-style housing project for UC Berkeley transfer students that is being designed, built and funded by the Helen Diller Foundation

A learning hub to help students find community and achieve success

February 7, 2022

Berkeley is academically demanding, and some students learn that all too quickly when they arrive on campus. Success at the university requires not only aptitude and grit but also community and academic support — and the latter is where the Student Learning Center (SLC) comes in.

Founded more than 45 years ago, the SLC serves 30% of undergraduates through 12 curricular and co-curricular programs. Services are provided by 300 undergraduate peer tutors and 20 subject-matter specialists, all of whom trained in the science of...

Basic Needs Center helps students when they need it most

February 7, 2022

Thirty-nine percent of UC Berkeley undergraduates and 16 percent of graduate students report a lack of consistent access to healthy, affordable food, among other needs. Berkeley’s Basic Needs Center (BNC) is a caring community that connects students to food, housing, financial, health, and other resources.

Berkeley Connect encourages undergrads: “You belong here!”

February 7, 2022

Extensive research has shown that college students thrive, and their academic performance improves, when they have a strong sense of belonging. That’s why UC Berkeley has proactively worked to increase students’ sense of belonging through its innovative Berkeley Connect mentoring program.

Founded in 2010, Berkeley Connect matches undergraduates with graduate-student mentors and places them in small groups with other students who share their interests — providing them with personalized attention and a community...

On chilly Saturday, winter graduates turn to their future

February 7, 2022

Xander Young was just a few weeks into his first semester at UC Berkeley in March 2020 when in-person life ended and he, and all his fellow classmates, moved classes, clubs and college comradery online.

Housing for Continuing Students

February 7, 2022

Due to improving COVID-19 conditions and high vaccination rates, we expect to have greater capacity in 2022-23 than in the past two years, with availability in both residence halls and apartments.

A discovery experience for each undergrad? New initiative sets the goal

February 7, 2022

“Truly lost.” That’s how Ivan Chavez says he felt when he arrived at UC Berkeley in fall 2018. The first-generation college student, who’d spent most of his life in Tijuana, Mexico, couldn’t find people he identified with, or a campus path to help him discover his academic passion — one involving history, politics, research, and public service.